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Phone Validation


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Instantly verify phone numbers and identify suspicious numbers in real-time with phone number reputation scores

Appended Fields

IPQualityScore will append the following data to your lead.

Appended FieldDescription
Integration outcome (success, failure, or error)
If outcome is error, the error reason
Is the phone number properly formatted and considered valid based on assigned phone numbers available to carriers in that country?
Is this phone number a live usable phone number that is currently active?
The phone number formatted in the international dialing code. N/A if not formattable
Local Format
The phone number formatted in the country's local routing rules with area code. N/A if not formattable
Fraud Score
The IPQS risk score which estimates how likely a phone number is to be fraudulent. Scores 85+ are high risk
Recent Abuse
Has this phone number been associated with recent or ongoing fraud?
Is this phone number a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) or digital phone number?
Is this phone number associated with a prepaid service plan?
Is this phone number associated with fraudulent activity, scams, robo calls, fake accounts, or other unfriendly behavior?
The owner name of the phone number such as the first or last name or business name assigned to the phone number. Multiple names will be returned in comma separated format. Value is 'N/A' if unknown
The carrier (service provider) this phone number has been assigned to or 'N/A' if unknown
Line Type
The type of line this phone number is associated with (Toll Free, Mobile, Landline, Satellite, VOIP, Premium Rate, Pager, etc...) or 'N/A' if unknown
The two character country code for this phone number
Region (state) of the phone number if available or 'N/A' if unknown
City of the phone number if available or 'N/A' if unknown
Zip Code
Zip or Postal code of the phone number if available or 'N/A' if unknown
Timezone of the phone number if available or 'N/A' if unknown
Dialing Code
The 1 to 4 digit dialing code for this phone number or null if unknown
Do Not Call
Indicates if the phone number is listed on any Do Not Call (DNC) lists. Only supported in US and CA. This data may not be 100% up to date with the latest DNC blacklists
Active Status
Additional details on the status of the subscriber connection when enhanced active line checks are enabled. Contact your account manager to enable this feature. These values can be 'Active Line', 'Disconnected Line', 'Phone Turned Off', 'Inconclusive Status', or 'N/A' if unknown


The following fields are used by this integration and automatically added to your flow when missing.

Phone 1
Required fieldIPQualityScore needs this data to function.
Telephone number

Custom Input Variables

The following are configuration options (typically not collected with lead data).

Phone Validation StrictnessHow in depth (strict) do you want this reputation check to be? Stricter checks may provide a higher false-positive rate
Phone Validation CountryThe country this phone number is suspected to be associated with; defaults to the "country" field on the lead, if set
Timeout SecondsProduce an "error" outcome if the server fails to respond within this number of seconds (default: 360)