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Pre-Ping for Duplicate Checking

Are you buying leads you already own?

If you are trying to grow your marketing database through cost per lead advertising, you will receive leads that you already have in your database. The larger your database, the more frequently this will occur. Lead acquisition marketers can see duplicate rates of 20% and higher, resulting in wasted media spend. This can be a serious problem.

If you use LeadConduit with SuppressionList, you can identify and reject duplicates in real-time. Most lead vendors won’t charge you for leads you reject in real-time. So this solves the problem for you, but shifts the expense to the lead vendor. If you have a high duplicate reject rate, the lead vendor may charge you more per lead to compensate for this expense.

Pre-ping solves the duplicate problem for buyers & sellers

SuppressionList includes pre-ping query URLs that you can provide to your partners. This allows partners to query your list to see if a lead is a duplicate BEFORE they send it to you. This gives the lead provider the opportunity to not display your offer to consumers that are already in your database. This benefits lead buyers and providers alike, eliminating wasted impressions and increasing conversion rates.

Email subscriber acquisition is critical to our business. We found that 20% of the leads we received from lead vendors were already on our list. Pre-ping with SuppressionList solved this problem, making this an effective channel. As a result, we were able to reduce the duplicate leads to nearly zero while doubling our email database in just 18 months.

Why is this good for lead buyers?

  • When using pre-ping URLs, you should no longer receive duplicate leads from partners anymore.
  • Reduces technology costs for processing leads. SuppressionList usage pricing is much cheaper than LeadConduit. So it is more efficient to leverage it for pre-ping duplicate checking than processing dupes through LeadConduit.
  • You own your data; the provider never has access to the list itself and you can revoke access at any time.
  • You only have to maintain one list for all providers, whether or not the provider uses pre-ping.
  • Valuable usage data makes it easy for you know which providers are checking your lists, how often and the percentage of those queries are duplicates.

Why is this good for lead providers?

  • Provides a powerful way to optimize advertising inventory, increasing revenue. Lead providers can dynamically display offers only to new prospective consumers.
  • Creates a better customer experience. It is a poor user experience for your visitors if you are showing them offers to which they have previously opted in.
  • Ensures no impressions are wasted on potential duplicates.
  • It’s fast. SuppressionList Query URLs were designed for high volume & lightning fast performance.

How it Works

You securely house all of your existing leads (email address or phone number) in SuppressionList. Provide each of your lead providers a unique query URL for the appropriate list(s) in your account. Using this URL, the lead provider runs a quick check before deciding whether they should display your offer to the specific consumer. If that consumer’s email address or phone number is found on the list, the lead provider will display a different advertiser’s offer.

About SuppressionList
Pre-ping helps us utilize our inventory efficiently. Any lead buyer that is serious about growing their marketing database should use it. Your providers will thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t want to reject duplicates because I see duplicates as a good thing?

In some situations, duplicates are a good thing. If you are buying sales leads and you receive a lead again a few months later, this can be an indicator that they are back in the market and a hot lead. We provide sophisticated tools that can be customized for your situation. For example, we can reject leads that are received within a certain timeframe (within a week) and accept and even prioritize leads that are received in a different timeframe (months later). You are in control.

Why should I pay for pre-ping usage in SuppressionList when my partners are the primary beneficiaries?

Duplicates represent waste in the process. Your lead vendors are your partners. If you work together to reduce waste in the process, you all benefit. There are many creative ways to share those benefits. Some lead vendors force their buyers to pay for duplicates, unless a pre-ping solution is offered. Some lead vendors may offer a price break for leads if a pre-ping solution is provided. Whatever you work out, it is important to take a collaborative approach with your partners.