The Last of Us: A TCPA survival guide for the entire lead ecosystem

Everyone in the lead ecosystem needs protection: lead buyers, sellers, and generators alike must arm themselves against potential TCPA violations. But what about protection that mitigates your compliance risk and also saves you money?

In this webinar, you’ll learn how ActiveProspect’s TrustedForm can help protect you from serial litigators, enhance the value of your leads, and improve your ROI. Remember, when you’re lost in the darkness of TCPA compliance, look for the light of TrustedForm.

Here’s what the webinar will cover: 

  • The TCPA risks for lead buyers, sellers, and generators
  • Why everyone needs litigation protection
  • How increased protection can boost your ROI
  • How to leverage Facebook Lead Ads


  • Earl McCarthy, Sales Director @ ActiveProspect
  • Justin Myers, Sales Director @ ActiveProspect
  • Manny Zuccarelli, Founder & CEO @ QuoteVelocity
  • Chris Lyle, Owner & CEO @ LeadHustle
  • Eric Troutman, The Czar @ Troutman Amin LLP