TrustedForm Consent API

An API for verifying and documenting proof of consent.

TrustedForm certificates provide unbiased, third-party documentation of consent for lead buyers. In the event of a TCPA complaint, you can easily view the certificate and share it with your legal team.


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Create an account and enter payment information

Get your API Key in the TrustedForm application under Settings

Set up your TrustedForm integration with your API Key to begin claiming and storing consent certificates

Choose TrustedForm for safe lead verification and documentation.


$10/month minimum and no annual commitment.

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Up to 1,000 $0.15 per lead certificate
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Next 30,000 $0.10 per lead certificate
Over 50,000 $0.08 per lead certificate
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Storage fees are not included in the tier structure. Our standard storage fee is $.0002 per certificate per month continue reading about our storage fees in detail here.

* We offer custom pricing with annual commitment. See our plans

See how TrustedForm works

Incurring TCPA violations can cost you lots of money. So, before you contact new leads, make sure you put in place a system that helps you verify and document consent for every lead you buy. This will help you avoid unnecessary and costly legal issues.

Take a look for yourself at how TrustedForm works–check out our demo!


It's quick and easy for your technical team to implement and gives you the ability to claim and store TrustedForm certificates in your account.

Don’t have API integration capabilities? Contact us!

Benefits of TrustedForm Consent API

TrustedForm is the most compelling proof of consent on the market. Once you make a request to retain a certificate for a lead, you can verify the certificate is authentic and matches the lead. This makes it great for audit purposes, quality control monitoring, and demonstrating proof in the event of litigation. This documentation includes:


Page scan. This programmatically verifies compliance with user-defined required text and forbidden text.

Session Replay. This captures every keystroke and every step of the consumer interaction on the page, as well as information about when and where the form was completed.


Lead matching. This verifies that the certificate corresponds to the lead.

Easily accessible proof. With a shareable Certificate URL, you can quickly send this documentation. There’s no need to contact an account manager; just click the TrustedForm Certificate URL from within your CRM and access a Share URL.

Do you also generate leads from your website?

TrustedForm is a complete solution for both lead acquisition and lead generation.

If you’re generating leads, you can use TrustedForm to certify your leads wherever they are generated.


Your data is safe with us

We are the most privacy-centric solution when it comes to our customers and their data.

  • ActiveProspect is a service provider to the site owner. We never share your data with anyone. You have total control over the certificates created on your site.
  • We don't use cookies, use device fingerprinting, engage in cross site tracking, sell in-market signals, or build marketing profiles.
  • With ActiveProspect, your data is yours and yours only.

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