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Make sure you are buying authentic leads, independently certified by TrustedForm. 200 Million leads certified every month.


Better protect yourself against TCPA litigation by storing documentation of lead events


Gain confidence that your leads come with proof of consent by auditing stored certificates


Gain insights into every certified lead you buy

Prove consent to call and dial with confidence

TrustedForm Retain helps you comply with TCPA regulations (which require documentation of prior express written consent) and retain the TrustedForm Certificate, so that if consent was obtained, you can prove it.

TrustedForm Retain includes a session replay and event log that shows every step of consumer interaction and makes it easy to find the exact moment consent was obtained.

This will help you to shut down TCPA litigation before it begins.


Get useful insights into every lead you buy

TrustedForm Insights provides data about each lead generation event, giving you more knowledge about the leads you buy.

Thanks to TrustedForm Insights, you can:

  • Save money by buying the right leads at the right price
  • Make more money by identifying the leads most likely to convert
  • Identify the highest-performing lead sources
  • Stop buying leads that don't meet your criteria

Manage consent language more effectively

TrustedForm Verify empowers you to validate that your leads satisfy your compliance team's disclosure requirements, ensuring that the consumers have viewed the approved disclosure and given consent.

TrustedForm Verify allows you to:

  • Verify that your approved consent language was present on the page during the lead event
  • Detect when new consent variations are used and quickly approve or reject them

See how TrustedForm works

With a TrustedForm Certificate included with every lead you buy, you will have confidence that each lead has documented proof of consent to be contacted.

So, before you contact new leads, make sure you put in place a system that helps you verify and document consent for every lead you buy. This will help you avoid unnecessary TCPA litigation.

Take a look for yourself at how TrustedForm works.


Lead Buyers have two ways to implement TrustedForm


For Lead Buyers using a CRM

No developer? No problem. Easily automate your processes with software designed for marketers.

Available through LeadConduit
Used for first or third party leads


For Lead Buyers using a lead buying system

If you want to integrate TrustedForm into your lead-buying system with the help of a developer.

Available through TrustedForm Certificate API
Used for first or third party leads

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