Document consent for the leads that you generate

Whether you are generating leads for your own use or to sell, ensure you are TCPA compliant. With TrustedForm you can:

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Capture every lead generation event as the form is completed



Issue certificates of lead authenticity that can be both retained and shared


Retain a certificate for every lead you generate to ensure your business is protected from TCPA fines and litigation

Choose TrustedForm for unbiased, third-party documentation of consent.

A comprehensive lead certification and retention solution


When generating leads, TrustedForm is the right solution for you. By combining TrustedForm Certify and Auto-Retain, you can:

  • Comply with TCPA regulations and other consumer protection laws
  • Provide independent certification and proof that a consumer filled out your lead form
  • Store certificates for 5 years and access them at any time to quickly identify the moment consent was given

Automatically retain certificates for the leads you generate

TrustedForm Certify users have the ability to auto-retain the certificates generated on their verified domains. With just a quick click of a button, you can retain documentation of consent for your leads. Certificates not retained are automatically deleted after 90 days.

After implementing Certify, just add payment information and enable Auto-Retain for each verified domain where you wish to retain certificates.


Choose TrustedForm for smarter lead generation and lead generation and selling.


See how TrustedForm works

With a TrustedForm Certificate included with every lead you generate, you will have confidence that each lead has documented proof of consent to be contacted.

So, before you contact or sell new leads, make sure you put in place a system that helps you verify and document consent for every lead you generate. This will help you avoid unnecessary TCPA litigation.

Take a look for yourself at how TrustedForm works.

Your data is safe with us

We are the most privacy-centric company when it comes to our customers and their data.

  • ActiveProspect is a service provider to the site owner. We never share your data with anyone. You have total control over the certificates created on your site.
  • We don't use cookies, use device fingerprinting, engage in cross site tracking, sell in-market signals, or build marketing profiles.
  • With ActiveProspect, your data is yours and yours only.

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