ActiveProspect recently made waves at the highly anticipated 2024 Lead Generation World (LGW) conference. An annual must-attend for us, this three-day event was not just a conference; it was an immersive experience that brought together industry leaders, lead generators, and performance marketers in a dynamic setting designed to offer limitless networking opportunities. 

Perineally held at the beginning of the calendar year, the showroom floor at LGW was electric with attendees eager to network and jumpstart the new year with meaningful connections and opportunities. But the showroom was not the only part of LGW buzzing with excitement. With a robust lineup of keynote speakers and expert panels, attendees flooded numerous sessions seeking insights and best practices for 2024.

One of the highlights for us was the ability to watch our very own General Manager of Home Services, Ruben Ugarte, in the panel discussion titled, “AI Technology and Automation Revolutionizing Performance Marketing in Home Services and Beyond.” Ruben served as a moderator for a panel of thought leaders in the field, including Carson Poppenger from Squeeze, Paul Love from, and Frank Patierno from

The panel discussed the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and explored how AI-powered solutions can improve the customer experience, reduce churn, streamline processes, and optimize performance marketing. 

In addition to Ruben’s panel, we were able to attend many informative sessions and hear firsthand from key industry leaders, including, “The Czar” Eric Troutman, who went in-depth about the FCC’s latest TCPA update. Troutman preached preparation for the future of lead generation and encouraged/pleaded with attendees to take protective action.

“As of the effective date of this ruling, if you are a lead buyer, you must have the consent in your possession before you make the call,” Troutman said. “Speed-to-lead just died, I don’t know, maybe not, but you gotta find a way to get that TrustedForm certificate.”

In a landscape filled with uncertainty, we were honored to be positioned as a thought leader for the future of lead generation and were excited to not only showcase our cutting-edge lead acquisition and compliance solutions, but also demonstrate a resolute commitment to delivering the highest standard for independent proof of consent. To learn more about what the FCC’s latest TCPA update means for your business, don’t miss our upcoming webinar series beginning on January 17. 

As the curtains gracefully fell on Lead Generation World 2024, ActiveProspect emerged with a fortified dedication to redefining best practices in lead generation. The experience was nothing short of extraordinary, leaving attendees not only inspired but also armed with invaluable insights to elevate their lead-generation campaigns from inception to closure.

A heartfelt thank you to the organizers, esteemed panelists, dedicated exhibitors, and every participant who contributed to making this event an unparalleled success. It was indeed the perfect kickoff to the new year. Looking forward, we encourage all those involved in the lead-generation industry to mark their calendars for LGW 2025, an event that promises to once again immerse participants in the latest trends, technologies, and industry insights.

Until next year, LGW!

For those who couldn’t attend or visit our booth, fear not. ActiveProspect is charting new territories in 2024. Stay informed about our upcoming events or connect with us now to be a part of our exciting future in the world of lead generation.