Convoso offers software for outbound call centers that dramatically improve contact rates and lead conversion rates. With predictive dialing, ringless voicemail drops, customizable email templates, text messages that deliver a 98% open rate, and a virtual sales agent, Convoso enables you to create a pre-defined schedule that automatically decides when to place an outbound call or send non-voice communication such as a text message, email, or ringless voicemail with personalized details that drive more inbound calls.

Outreach continues over selected channels until your lead converts or for as many days as you set. Convoso also offers customizable real-time reporting capabilities so you can see right away which lists are underperforming or over performing.

Combining LeadConduit with Convoso helps your team optimize performance by validating contact data, filtering out non-optimal leads, and delivering only the best leads to your agents using the Convoso system. LeadConduit, our real-time lead optimization platform, now integrates with Convoso. This integration allows you to automatically add leads to your Convoso queue from your LeadConduit flow. You can now enable Convoso right from within LeadConduit with no IT intervention. You just need your Convoso API key.

The integration also supports common Convoso settings like Duplicate and DNC checks, adjusting multiple settings with your Convoso Hopper priority, so your agents stay focused on your highest priority leads. And of course, you can connect any custom field data between LeadConduit and Convoso.

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