ActiveProspect had a great time connecting with everyone at in Denver! If you have never been to this event, you’re missing out! allows you to network with 700+ marketers, call center operators, entrepreneurs, and technology leaders. The event spans some of the largest sectors of the economy, including telephony, financial services, healthcare, home services, professional services, and travel.

Thank you to all who stopped by our booth to learn more about consent-based marketing and our products. Our team showed TrustedForm demos on our iPads and handed out fun swag (our socks are always a hit!).

It’s always rewarding to see our partners and to be able to attend wonderful sessions. We loved hearing from industry experts and answering questions about how our products can help you start a conversation with a prospect who actually wants to speak with you. 

The Czar of the TCPAWorld and Founder of the Troutman Firm, Eric Troutman, was a panelist during one event and the sole host of another. ActiveProspect caught up with him recently.

Q&A with the Czar of TCPAWorld, Eric J. Troutman

  1. At events like, if you could impart one succinct message to attendees, what would that be?

Buying third-party leads comes with a lot of risk, but it can be managed with good tools and practices.

  1. With the Panzarella ruling in the third circuit court, is this just the beginning of endless chaos in the TCPA world, or was endless chaos already inevitable?

TCPA World has always been a chaotic place, and nothing will change in the near future. Pay close attention to to try to stay ahead of fast-moving developments.

  1. You touched on Florida state law–specifically FTSA–in your presentation. Are there any other states that come to mind with specific laws similar to FTSA, or is that just Florida being Florida?

Oklahoma and Michigan are two states to keep an eye on due to new marketing bills. But Washington State also has a very powerful anti-robotext statute. So watch out!

  1. Armed with ActiveProspect’s TrustedForm and TCPAWorld’s wealth of information, is there any other resource you would recommend to round-out a triumvirate of compliance? 

There are a lot of other vendors and solutions to consider.’s litigator scrub product, the reassigned number database, and Safe Select’s TCPA-proof outreach platform are just a handful of innovative solutions assisting folks to navigate the TCPA.

  1. Lastly, we were privy to your karaoke chops in Denver. What is your No. 1 go-to song?

“Don’t Stop Believing.”

In an increasingly virtual world, events like are great networking opportunities to connect with current and future clients. ActiveProspect is proud to be able to spread the word of consent-based marketing to ensure safety, efficiency, and scalability so you can acquire customers who meet your requirements and see a return on your marketing efforts.

We’d love to help you make consent-based marketing your best tool for customer acquisition. Contact us today to learn more.