Customers often ask us about the types of lead generation traffic that move across the web. As a SaaS company that processes millions of internet leads each month, ActiveProspect has unique insight on just such data.

We analyzed browser data from over 10 million leads submitted in June 2018 captured by our TrustedForm product. The traffic we looked at is all from lead generation forms. These visitors completed a mix of short and long forms, including some complex multi-step funnels. Some of the results were expected, but a few surprised us.

Browser % of Traffic
Chrome Mobile 41.18%
Mobile Safari 32.74%
Chrome 18.66%
Firefox 4.65%
Safari 1.32%
Chromium 0.63%
Firefox Mobile 0.22%
Android 0.12%
Internet Explorer 0.10%
Opera 0.10%


While many outlets have reported mobile web traffic of 50-60%, our data showed that 74% of leads came from mobile or tablet. Think about that – three quarters of consumers filling out web forms did so on a mobile device. Regardless of where you think your audience is, mobile traffic share now dwarfs of that of more traditional computing devices.

Less surprisingly, the concentration of browsers was relatively small. Chrome and Safari across mobile and desktop made up 94% of the volume. That said, there were dozens of browsers used, with hundreds of different versions. Chrome had by far the most versions and the variance was interesting. We saw lead submissions ranging from Chrome 0.2.149 (an early edition of the code from 2008) all the way up to Chrome 69.0.3477 (released this June). Firefox also had one lead submission using their original version (v 0.10.1) dating back to 2002. Because TrustedForm is a universal script, we must ensure it works properly with every conceivable browser that someone might use.

Here are a few smaller browsers that appeared on the list, most of which we’d never heard of:

  • Crazy Browser
  • Epiphany
  • Flock
  • Galeon
  • IceWeasel (a version of Firefox)
  • Konqueror
  • Midori
  • Nokia
  • Pale Moon
  • SeaMonkey
  • Slurp
  • Yandex

These statistics illustrate that mobile traffic isn’t just ascendant, its dominant, and has never been more important for lead generation. As a marketer, it is critical to ensure all forms are mobile-friendly to make it easy for consumers to sign up. For more on how TrustedForm collects data, check out our Product Page.


These statistics were generated from leads that were submitted in the month of June, on pages that had the TrustedForm script present. They include over 10 million unique leads from a variety of industries.