If you look at a TrustedForm Certificate that was generated after March 1, 2019 you will notice a change: we released an update to the visual presentation of TrustedForm certificates. We made two primary changes: 1) we removed the snapshot preview, and 2) updated branding.

Snapshot Preview

We decided to remove the snapshot preview, as it is only a preview image of the page where the lead is captured. This feature was originally implemented before we had video replay so users could see an image of the page. With video replay, there is no longer any benefit of the redundant snapshot preview. However, it remained as an artifact of earlier versions of the certificate. In an effort to continually reduce operational inefficiencies, we’ve eliminated this feature from the first page of the certificate.

Branding Update

We’ve gone through some branding updates in the last few years but the TrustedForm certificate has not. The certificate still had that old, dull green. Since we’ve updated our color palette with a much more vibrant shade of green, we thought it was finally time to give our TrustedForm certificate a new look. We hope you like it!

We are planning more changes to the TrustedForm certificates in the coming months, so keep a lookout!