“Will your script slow down my site?” This is probably the most common question we get about the TrustedForm script, and rightly so. We consider performance to be the most important feature of the TrustedForm script. No one wants to implement a script that disrupts or slows down their site. While the short answer is “No, it won’t slow down your site”, you probably need a lot more information to feel comfortable with that answer. This blog post dives deeper into the reasons why the TrustedForm script won’t slow down your site.

Background on the script

The TrustedForm script is asynchronous javascript. It was designed from the start for performance. We have spent the last several years completely rebuilding the service to make it even faster and more reliable by rewriting performance-critical parts in Erlang, a core language of telephony infrastructure, and migrating to a high-scale distributed database. Our internal application servers often boast a 95th percentile sub-millisecond response time. As a consequence of highly efficient design, we run at a fraction of our capacity, able to handle traffic bursting without issue. Furthermore, our script is designed to not interfere with any other scripts on your site (including competitor scripts). In addition, if it detects malware that could compromise its functionality, it will disable itself rather than cause harm to the website.

Adoption & operating history

We launched the first version of TrustedForm in 2010. It was the industry’s first independent lead certification service. We’ve grown a great deal over the years, consistently gaining more adoption every year. The reality is, if the script slowed down websites, we would have been forced to shut down this product a long time ago. Currently TrustedForm captures 10 billion user events per month across thousands of websites. TrustedForm is trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world and we are very proud of our track record to date.

No third-party scripts

In order to ensure the highest level of performance, we don’t load any third-party scripts within our script. Loading third-party scripts within a script is a questionable practice for a number of reasons. First, from the perspective of transparency, you need to know every script that is running on your site. Adding third-party javascript to your site can be dangerous business. You must understand which scripts are on your site and trust the companies that are responsible. From a performance perspective, we can’t control or guarantee the performance of a third-party script. Loading another script within ours introduces unknown variables that can affect reliability. If you are adding a script to your site, ask the company that owns it whether their script loads any other third-party scripts. You might be surprised to learn this is happening without your knowledge.  

Public system performance

We are totally transparent about the script performance. We publicly display it at https://status.activeprospect.com. Even though we have an excellent track record of reliable performance, it’s still possible the script could fail. For this reason, we designed the script so that in the unlikely event it fails, it will simply fail silently in the background and won’t interrupt site performance.

Try it yourself

Don’t take our word for it. Test it yourself! Our script is available as part of TrustedForm Certify, and can be accessed by simply signing up for a free account. It’s easy to install and guaranteed to enhance the leads you generate. If you need any assistance, our team is always available and happy to help.