Real-Time Bidding

Get the leads you want at the price you want.

Maximize your ROI through auction-based lead purchasing. LeadConduit’s new real-time ping/post bidding lets buyers evaluate leads before purchasing them.

TrustedForm insights make better bids and improve outcomes, while LeadConduit’s real-time ping/post bidding solution gives you the information you need to make the right decisions before you purchase a lead.

Real-Time Bidding

How it works:

Real-Time Bidding - How it Works
* Step

Configure your bidding rules in LeadConduit, creating purchase decisions based on the TrustedForm metadata.

1 Step

Seller submits data to your LeadConduit system and provides TrustedForm data points via the Certificate URL.

2 Step

Based on your bidding rules, LeadConduit either:

  • Rejects the lead immediately
  • Returns a bid price if (and only if) you are interested in purchasing the lead.
3 Step

If the Seller likes the bid, they post the lead to your LeadConduit flow for purchase.

4 Step

Purchase and spend reports help marketers manage budgets and track win rates while maximizing value.

Real-Time Bidding - Enhanced

Validate, Filter, & Enhance Leads In Real Time

with LeadConduit

  • Reduce costly and time-consuming returns by only bidding on the leads that meet your criteria and rejecting unusable leads before they enter your system.
  • Set pricing rules that allow you to decide which leads are most valuable and pay accordingly. For example, a lead that is five seconds old might be of more value than one which is five minutes old.
  • Use volume caps to set criteria for how many leads of each type you purchase. For example, if your target customers more likely to use iOS than Android, you can set a rule to purchase fewer leads generated on Android devices than iOS.

Get the Leads You Want At The Price You Choose

with TrustedForm Data

ActiveProspect’s TrustedForm is the industry standard for documenting consent and certifying the authenticity of internet leads. Now you can harness the power of TrustedForm to optimize your LeadConduit rules-based workflow! TrustedForm captures critical data about the lead generation event so you can use that data to inform your bidding process and make the right decision about every lead you buy.

Real-Time Bidding - Computer
 Certificate URL
 Website of Origin
 Operating System
 Browser Type
 Lead Age
 Typing Speed
 Time Stamp
 Time on Page
 IP Address
 Location City
 Location Postal Code
 Location State

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