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The only platform making consent-based marketing the most scalable, efficient, and safest method for customer acquisition.


Learn how our platform integrations power these customer acquisition solutions:


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The ActiveProspect platform is the only solution on today's market that combines lead acquisition and lead optimization with comprehensive TCPA compliance. Watch how it works.

Reduce the risks associated with online lead acquisition.

The ActiveProspect Difference

The ActiveProspect platform offers a unique value proposition unlike any other cloud-based solution.

The more you use our platform to invest in consent-based marketing approaches, the faster you can accelerate growth and decrease waste, thereby reducing customer acquisition costs and igniting new cost-savings.


Maximize your marketing spend on the leads most likely to become your best customers.

Finally, you can have it all.

Growing your database through performance marketing is no easy feat. At ActiveProspect, we understand you have to handle multiple moving parts amid a wide variety of different challenges to face.

Backed by our team's deep industry expertise, we built a platform which empowers you to address each problem with our unique solutions.



Sleep better at night knowing you're protected from the unexpected with documented, verified proof of consent for every lead.

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Lead Acquisition

Capture leads from any source
while ensuring that you're paying the right price for the
right leads.

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Lead Optimization

Make the most out of every lead you buy with our smart filtering, enhancement, and routing features.

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Lead Distribution

Manage every step of your lead process, from acquisition to delivery, with powerful data integration solutions and action-oriented tracking and reporting.

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