As a marketer, you understand the importance of capturing quality leads and continuously optimizing your lead flows to ensure maximum conversion rate. However, it can be challenging to append crucial and valuable demographic and property data to your leads. This is where Experian comes in.

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using Experian and see how integrating it with LeadConduit can help you optimize and enhance your lead flows.

What is Experian?

Experian is a data solution that provides access to valuable information about individuals and their properties by combining data from reliable sources, public records, and modeled data, providing you with a more comprehensive understanding of your leads.

Some of the data fields you can append with Experian include income, home ownership, credit score, property value, and more. When you append this data to your lead records, you can gain a better understanding of your audience and their specific needs, and use that information to optimize your lead generation and follow-up efforts.

Why you should add Experian to your marketing strategy

Experian offers numerous benefits that make it an important data solution for marketers buying leads from third-parties or generating leads from their own sites.

Append demographic data

Experian allows you to obtain access to valuable data like age, gender, marital status, household size, and income levels. This demographic data allows you to segment your leads and personalize your campaigns to target the right audience.

Append property data

Experian allows you to append valuable property data that includes the home value, property type, mortgage data, and much more. This comprehensive data can help you sort and target leads by geographic regions, cities, or even neighborhoods.

Identify lead fraud

Experian identifies and flags fraudulent leads during the lead acquisition process. For example, when a prospect enters their information in your forms, the tool uncovers discrepancies in data that indicate fraudulent or fake entries.

Improve data accuracy and quality

Experian’s data is highly accurate and is regularly updated to ensure the information you receive is reliable and trustworthy. The platform eliminates the need to manually append data, thus reducing errors and providing high-quality information.

Increase conversion rate

With valuable demographic and property data at your fingertips, you can segment your leads based on specific criteria, and create personalized marketing campaigns designed to resonate with each segment. This approach can be especially useful for direct mail campaigns, where personalized messaging can significantly improve conversion rates.

Enhance lead flows with LeadConduit add-ons

Experian is ready-to-use and directly available within the LeadConduit platform as an add-on that you can purchase to further enhance the performance of your lead flows.

Integrating Experian with LeadConduit allows you to automatically append the data to your lead records in real time. LeadConduit works by consolidating and verifying lead data from various sources, and when integrated with Experian, it can automatically append the necessary fields to your lead records. This integration can help optimize your lead acquisition process, and provide you with a more targeted and comprehensive view of your leads.

With LeadConduit add-ons, you get to:

  • Receive top-notch leads by filtering out duplicates and fraudulent ones effortlessly.
  • Supercharge your lead-buying efforts by seamlessly teaming up with new providers.
  • Streamline and optimize lead flows from all sources for maximum efficiency.
  • Uncover valuable insights into lead age and consumer behavior, enhancing the quality of your leads.

By adding Experian as an add-on to your LeadConduit flows, you can tailor your workflow and filters to ensure that only the highest-quality leads go through your system.

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Final thoughts

By appending valuable lead demographic and property data through LeadConduit’s Experian add-on, you can:

  • Achieve your desired Cost Per Acquisition goals
  • Enhance customer retention and maximize lifetime value
  • Mitigate TCPA risks effectively

All while ensuring that every lead you receive is worth pursuing.

If you’re looking to optimize your lead flows and drive business growth, consider introducing Experian to your marketing strategy today and take your lead generation efforts to the next level!