When implementing lead acquisition efforts, it’s crucial for businesses to comply with regulations such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), which includes a private right of action that enables consumers to sue companies they believe violated the statute for up to $1,500 per violation. 

A single TCPA violation can cost you thousands of dollars in damages and tarnish your brand’s reputation, and if that isn’t bad enough, there are thousands of known litigators who have taken advantage of the statute to enrich themselves. They are all too eager to receive calls and texts they can use as the basis for a lawsuit, and contacting them is always a bad idea.

This is where The Blacklist Alliance comes into play with its TCPA Litigation Firewall solution. In this blog post, we will deep dive into what it is and how it works, and how combining it with LeadConduit can help you streamline your lead acquisition efforts.

If you’re curious to learn more about the TCPA, take a look at the resources listed below:

What is The Blacklist Alliance’s TCPA Litigation Firewall and how does it work?

The Blacklist Alliance is a dynamic leader in the global marketing industry, providing cutting-edge technology solutions to combat fraud, litigation, and other issues that can threaten businesses.

The TCPA Litigation Firewall solution is one of The Blacklist Alliance’s most prominent offerings, aimed at protecting businesses from predatory litigation. It is a risk mitigation tool designed to block calls to and from numbers representing a litigation threat that undermines the consistency and integrity of lead acquisition campaigns.

This solution offers significant proactive protection against TCPA lawsuits and lawsuit threats, ensuring litigation-free lead generation efforts. By implementing this solution, businesses can help avoid the substantial risk of contacting a predatory litigator who has weaponized the statute to line their own pockets. 

As the product of years of hard-won TCPA expertise, this solution identifies high-risk data that gets swiftly integrated into the Litigation Firewall system. Then, by scrubbing against the Litigation Firewall, it eliminates high-risk data from your outbound and inbound campaigns. Apart from thoroughly checking their internally sourced data, the Litigation Firewall goes the extra mile for The Blacklist Alliance subscribers by scrubbing against your own internal Do Not Call (DNC) list, as well as the National DNC Registry, and specific state DNC registries.

The Blacklist Alliance also offers online compliance training courses that help subscribers stay compliant with the TCPA while staying ahead of the curve and on top of any new regulations arising in a constantly changing legal landscape.

Supercharge your lead acquisition with the TCPA Litigation Firewall LeadConduit add-on

LeadConduit comes packed with an array of useful tools and services, including The Blacklist Alliance’s TCPA Litigation Firewall which is available as an add-on. Pairing the TCPA Litigation Firewall solution with LeadConduit can provide the best results for businesses. 

LeadConduit simplifies your CPL acquisition process, allowing you to efficiently capture customers at scale. By incorporating the TCPA Litigation Firewall into the LeadConduit platform, you can effortlessly monitor and manage your leads. Custom lead flows automatically enhance and filter leads in real time, ensuring that your CRM or lead buyer receives only the best, most promising prospects, which ultimately helps to increase conversion rates.

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Final thoughts

The Blacklist Alliance and its TCPA Litigation Firewall solution are a must-have for marketers looking to comply with TCPA regulations and avoid predatory litigation. The solution’s advanced technology, coupled with decades of TCPA expertise, result in comprehensive protection to your brand while ensuring the quality of your leads.

By implementing the TCPA Litigation Firewall with LeadConduit, you can streamline your lead acquisition efforts and save time and money. So, if you want peace of mind and a hassle-free lead acquisition process, get in touch to give LeadConduit and the TCPA Litigation Firewall a try!