The home remodeling industry is simultaneously one of the most competitive and lucrative industries in the United States. It is rare to find an industry that exceeds $400 billion, where no single company possesses greater than a 5% market share

In order to thrive in this market, home remodelers require a diverse and diligent lead generation strategy. ‘How to get home remodeling leads’ is a prevalent question that demands an answer in order to maintain sustainability and precipitate growth. A successful lead generation strategy keeps leads flowing into the sales funnel year-round and turns the ‘busy season’ into a regular work day. 

Here are 7 of the most popular and effective home remodeling lead generation strategies.

7 home remodeling lead generation strategies

  1. Launch a Google Ads/Google Display Network campaign 

A Google Ads campaign can help you jump to the front of the line in terms of search results. SEO is a tried and true practice of improving position, but a paid campaign can guarantee better positioning for your company. While Google Ad campaigns can be expensive, the value of this high-end exposure cannot be overstated– 89.3 billion people visit Google each month.

A Google Display Network (GDN) campaign can be used to target consumers with banner ads based on their internet activity and interests or retarget consumers who have visited your webpage and not made a purchase. 

However, not all Google strategies require monetary commitments.

  1. Rank your website on Google

One of the first things you need to do when starting a home renovation or remodeling business is to set up an online marketing plan. Home remodeling services empower local businesses. With such a diverse market share, no franchise giants exist allowing several businesses to compete for local territory. An easy way to get a leg up on the competition is to improve visibility by creating a Google My Business profile.

When a consumer searches “home remodeling” on Google, a list of companies will appear complete with hours of operation, reviews, and pictures. You want your company to be featured on this list. Additionally, it’s essential to not only focus on gaining positive reviews but also knowing how to answer a good review. This proactive approach can contribute to building trust and attracting more clients seeking home remodeling services.

By filling out a Google My Business form, your company will appear alongside local competitors who have done the same. If you choose to create a profile, do not create an account and just forget about it. Be sure to always keep your profile up-to-date with accurate information and pictures of your work to maintain relevancy. 

Google My Business is far from the only profile you should create as a part of your lead generation efforts.

  1. Create profiles on industry review sites/ industry lead gen sites

Further increase your company’s visibility and accessibility by creating detailed and lively profiles on industry review sites like Yelp and on industry lead generation sites such as HomeAdvisor, BuildZoom, and Houzz. These sites allow consumers to read reviews, view your hours, scroll through pictures, review your specialties, and browse promotional offers.

As consumers search in the dark for home remodelers, let these profiles serve as beacons to attract them to your company. The more times your company appears on searches across different websites and search engines, the more familiar consumers will feel with your company. After conducting their due diligence, the home remodeling leads that enter your sales funnel will be of higher quality.

  1. Implement a referral program

As we covered in our post about lead generation for bathroom remodelers, word of mouth is more powerful than ever in the digital age. Every consumer has an online voice that extends beyond their immediate physical location and to maximize and enhance that voice for your company’s benefit, a referral program should be implemented and incentivized

It is imprudent to rely on the consumer’s goodwill to spread the word about your services, so incentivize them with discounts or special offers. If a new customer was referred to you by an existing customer, your company could offer the existing customer 15% of their next home remodel or a gift card.

An organic referral program can grow into one of your most popular funnels for home improvement leads, but it will take time. However, the more jobs your company completes and the higher the incentive, the faster the program will grow. 

  1. Invest in remodeling software

Before remodeling begins, consumers will always want to know what the finished product will look like. Now, there is the archaic approach where a salesperson explains the walls in the kitchen will be oxblood, with waterjet tiles, and quartz countertops, or there is the state-of-the-art approach where advanced software is used to create photorealism glimpses of the proposed remodeling. 

Advertising these software capabilities could be as simple as: “If seeing is believing, take a glimpse into your future with our visionary remodeling software.” Remodeling software will help consumers feel in control and more comfortable with their purchase decision. The same can be said about landscaping software like Dynascape. Customers will feel more confident using your landscaping services if they see what their yard will look like ahead of time.

  1. Develop a social media presence

Home remodeling has become such an industry of interest that a television channel was created and solely dedicated to it (HGTV). Social media is a great way to capitalize on this home remodeling entertainment craving. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn allow remodelers to share quality work, gain exposure through likes and shares, and connect with millions of potential home remodeling leads. 

A robust social media presence can also be leveraged across individual channels with tools such as Facebook Lead Ads, TikTok Lead Generation, and LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Explore how to get the most out of your social media lead generation strategy and CRM with LeadsBridge.

Consider partnering with professionals like architects and interior designers on LinkedIn. Utilizing LinkedIn for lead generation allows you to tap into a network of industry specialists who can help expand your reach and provide referrals, making it a vital strategy for growth.

  1. Offer FREE Quotes

This is one of the easiest ways to convert leads into customers. By offering consumers a free quote, you are removing their initial concern over a binding contract and can establish a more influential position. A simple gesture of goodwill can create a foundation of trust, which in turn, increases the likelihood of a conversion. 

When offering a free quote, however, always be sure to have the consumer provide contact information and express written consent to being contacted. Even if your price quote exceeds their budget, you can now market to this lead with promotional offers and content to eventually restart their sales journey. 

Consider using PDF files for your free quotes, as they can be shared and opened by anyone using any device. Furthermore, with easy PDF editing online tools that are available for free, you can quickly make amendments and create quotes that are as visually appealing as they are appealing in price.

Providing a free quote is like holding the door open for the consumer, they may not come in right away, but it eliminates an unnecessary barrier to entry.

How ActiveProspect can help

Implementing these 7 lead generation strategies will help increase your company’s lead flow and turn your company’s busy season into an everyday occurrence. ActiveProspect is proud to offer many solutions to address your home services needs and assist with your accelerated lead generation efforts. 

With a more fruitful lead generation strategy, your company will need a lead optimization strategy to operate efficiently, improve conversion rates, and scale appropriately. Lead optimization is simply the process of ensuring that you are getting the most out of every lead. 

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