We are excited to announce the most recent update to our website, the LeadConduit Integrations catalog! LeadConduit offers over 100 integrations to a variety of platforms, making it easy for you to connect with the right service to capture, enhance, and deliver your leads.

LeadConduit is a real-time data integration platform that allows users to construct lead flows unique to their business needs. The extensive library of integrations built and maintained by the ActiveProspect team eliminates the need for users to build or manage custom integrations on their own.  

Each integration page includes technical details about the actions supported by the integration, the fields required, the fields appended, and custom input variables.  

Capture Leads from Any Source

Inbound integrations are used to connect your lead flows with lead sources and platforms like Unbounce, Twilio, and Facebook Lead Ads. Leveraging a platform like LeadConduit with pre-built integrations that are professionally maintained allows businesses to quickly onboard new lead sources without the headache of building complex integrations from scratch.

Deliver Leads to Any Destination

Leads captured by our inbound integrations can be delivered to a variety of CRMs and other marketing platforms. This allows lead sellers to distribute leads through LeadConduit to each of their buyers, regardless whether they use Salesforce, Agile CRM, InfusionSoft, or any other platform. For businesses that generate their own leads, incoming leads can be routed to their own CRM or a marketing automation platform such as Marketo or ActiveCampaign.

Enhance Leads with Additional Data

In addition to handling integrations to capture leads from any source and deliver any destination, LeadConduit also supports a variety of real-time data enhancement services. Enhancement services include any service that provides additional data about your leads, such as email verification, phone verification, postal address verification,  lead scoring, fraud detection, data append, etc. LeadConduit allows you to use the data provided by these services to make real-time decisions on your leads. We offer a variety of services that can be purchased directly within LeadConduit that we refer to as Marketplace Integrations.

Head over to our Integrations catalog to see every service we currently integrate with.

Not Finding What You’re Looking For?

If we don’t yet integrate with a platform or service you’re interested in, we’d love to hear more about your use case and explore how LeadConduit can automate and optimize your lead workflow.