The Partnership Cloud’s Protect feature set (formerly known as Forensiq) uses machine-learning and advanced bot fingerprinting to identify and block leads generated by fraudulent traffic, so you can eliminate wasted marketing spend. At the same time, we know fraud is an ongoing battle. Malicious actors will continue looking for new ways to exploit your vulnerabilities. For this reason, Impact’s determined team of data scientists continually innovates technologies and strategies to protect your digital spend across the funnel and on every device.

LeadConduit, our real-time lead optimization platform, now integrates with Impact. This is a Bring Your Own Credentials (BYOC) enhancement that helps you identify and filter out fraudulent leads before they even hit your platform. To use this integration, you just need your Impact API key (provided by Impact).

We built the LeadConduit integration with Impact to work seamlessly with TrustedForm, our lead certification product. Impact relies on information about the site visitor to assess the likelihood the user was a bot or fraudulent. 

When TrustedForm is included in a lead flow, data collected from a claimed TrustedForm certificate is automatically sent to Impact to provide reliable and comprehensive information to protect you from bot-generated leads. The certificate data passed to Impact includes: the end-user’s IP address, the domain where the lead was generated, the browser user agent, and the time the user spent on the form page. All this extra data empowers Impact to make better decisions and prevent fraudulent leads from making their way into your database.

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