As a lead buyer in the insurance space, identifying where your leads are coming from can be critical to effectively targeting your audience and improving your sales. One of the strongest data points that can help you achieve this is originating domain.

If you’re not leveraging this aspect of lead information, then you’re missing out on a crucial tool that can help you understand lead intent irrespective of which vendor is sending the leads to you.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how originating domain can help insurance companies understand which websites provide the leads that are working best for their business, and how they can actively purchase more from those domains to increase sales and margins.

What is originating domain and why is it important?

Originating domain refers to the URL of the website or landing page where the lead information was initially entered that generated the lead. This information is crucial because it tells you where your leads are coming from and, more importantly, what their intent might be.

For instance, leads originating from “” may have a different intent level than leads coming from “”

Understanding this distinction is important because it can help you target leads that are more likely to convert. As a result, you can better tailor your sales approach and generate higher conversions.

How to leverage originating domain with TrustedForm Insights

Lead buyers often lack visibility into the actual site where the lead originated. Therefore, they are forced to trust only in the identifiers (referred to as SubIDs) supplied by the vendor. 

However, this is a critically flawed approach. Lead vendor data usually isn’t a reliable way to evaluate lead spend or quality, only resulting in poor lead-buying choices.

Fortunately, ActiveProspect has solved this problem. We independently verify the website (or site identifier) where the lead originated, so that lead buyers can use it to optimize their lead acquisition campaigns.

With ActiveProspect’s TrustedForm Insights, you can:

  • Identify the best lead sources for your business by tracking leads back to the site that generated them.
  • Avoid wasted spend for leads that do not meet your criteria.
  • Ensure the leads you’re purchasing are interested and actively searching for your product or service.

Simply put: TrustedForm Insights helps you gain insights into every lead you purchase, so that you can make better-informed decisions and buy more intelligently.

Once you understand what leads are working best for your business, you can actively try and purchase more from those domains by bidding up on the ping/post auction and thus increase your sales while improving margins. On the flip side, when you find domains that are not successful with your outbound efforts, you can choose not to bid on them or reject them on the post, regardless of which vendor is sending the lead to you.

Larger companies in the business will often ask lead vendors to provide them with the domains where consumer opt-ins are being collected. By leveraging TrustedForm Insights, you can ensure that the leads being sent to you are only coming from the domains on your approved list. This level of control ensures that you are not wasting resources reaching out to consumers who are not interested in your offerings.

The use of originating domain is not limited to the insurance industry and is just as critical in many other verticals. It is an essential tool for identifying which lead sources are fruitful. By using this data point intelligently, businesses can save money and improve their chances of success.

If you’d like to learn more about the superpower of originating domain, check out this whitepaper now!

Final thoughts

Insurance brands and lead buyers in the industry must use every tool available to them to increase their chances of success. Originating domain is one of the most powerful tools at their disposal for understanding consumer intent irrespective of which vendor is sending them in.

By leveraging originating domain, insurance brands can better approximate the intent of their leads, only purchase from successful domains, and steer clear of those that don’t convert.

Using TrustedForm Insights can help guarantee that the leads sent from vendors are in fact coming from domains that the brands have approved. The result is more sales and improved margins, and in a competitive marketplace, every advantage counts. Knowing where every lead comes from can give insurance brands the edge they need to thrive.

Don’t miss out on this essential tool – start putting it to work in your business today!