As a marketer, lead validation and contactability are critical factors for success. However, you often find yourself wasting time and resources pursuing non-existent, dead-end leads, and contacting real potential customers seems impossible. In such cases, having a tool that can validate leads, confirm their legitimacy, and grade their contactability can be of immense help.

In this blog post, we will discuss Trestle’s Real Contact API, its features and benefits, and how integrating it with LeadConduit can help you optimize and enhance your lead flows.

Improving lead quality with Trestle’s Real Contact API

Trestle’s Real Contact API is a powerful lead validation tool that confirms the identity of the lead and their contactability. It allows businesses to ensure compliance with right party contact verification and avoid reputation risk associated with calling invalid or disconnected numbers.

It uses a proprietary algorithm that analyzes available data to grade the lead’s legitimacy from A to E. A grade E lead is considered a bad lead and should not be prioritized, while a grade A lead is considered real and contactable, and should therefore be prioritized. This grading system ensures that you only receive high-quality leads and not waste your marketing budget on invalid contacts.

One of the great benefits of Trestle’s Real Contact API is that it improves your ability to contact and convert leads. By grading leads’ contactability, the tool enables you to prioritize your follow-ups and outreach efforts. You can allocate more resources to leads who are genuinely interested in your product or service and not waste time on dead-end contacts. This feature enhances the efficiency and productivity of your sales team and allows them to focus on high-quality prospects.

Another great advantage of Trestle’s Real Contact API is that it significantly reduces the manual effort required to validate leads. It automates the entire process and helps marketers save time, money, and effort. With Trestle’s Real Contact API, lead validation becomes a hassle-free and efficient process as the tool performs all the checks and verification in real-time.

The final benefit of using Trestle’s Real Contact API is improved ROI. By validating leads, confirming their identity, and grading their contactability, you ensure that your marketing budget is invested in high-quality leads that convert. You avoid wasting resources on invalid leads and can focus on those prospects who are highly likely to engage and convert. As a result, you achieve a better ROI and improve your company’s bottom line.

Enhancing lead flows with LeadConduit add-ons

Trestle’s Real Contact API add-on – which is ready-to-use and directly available within the LeadConduit platform – can further enhance the performance of your lead flows to help you get the highest lead quality possible. 

LeadConduit add-ons allow you to:

  • Receive only the highest-quality leads by filtering out duplicates and fraudulent ones.
  • Boost your lead-buying efforts by effortlessly teaming up with new providers.
  • Streamline and optimize your lead flows from all sources to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Uncover valuable insights into lead age and consumer behavior, enhancing the quality of your leads.

By adding Trestle’s Real Contact API as an add-on to your LeadConduit flows, you can customize your workflow and filters to ensure that only the highest quality leads go through your system.

Final thoughts

With Trestle’s Real Contact API, you can significantly improve your lead conversion rates, engage high-quality prospects, and scale your business sustainably. By using Trestle’s Real Contact API and LeadConduit together, you can:

  • Hit your Cost Per Acquisition targets
  • Improve customer retention and lifetime value
  • Mitigate TCPA risks

All while being sure that every lead you receive is legit and worth pursuing.

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