We’re proud to announce that LeadConduit now offers real-time ping post bidding!

Ping post is a common process used to buy and sell leads in a variety of industries. In the ping post model, lead sellers send lead data to numerous lead buyers. The buyers then respond with a bid, and the seller sends the lead to the highest bidder. 

Real-time bidding lets LeadConduit users engage in auction-based lead purchasing directly within the LeadConduit platform. This method of lead buying helps you maximize ROI by getting the leads you want – at the price you want.

How it works

  1. Buyer configures bidding logic based on any and all pieces of data submitted with a lead.
  2. Seller submits data to the buyer’s flow.
  3. Buyer returns a bid price if (and only if) they’re interested in purchasing the lead.
  4. Seller likes the bid, then they submit the lead to the LeadConduit flow for purchase.

LeadConduit makes it easy to configure and automate bidding, onboard lead sellers, and analyze the metrics that matter.

What you get with Real-time Bidding:

  • Complex Bidding Rules – LeadConduit allows users to easily configure detailed logic to automate your bidding process to ensure that you’re paying the right price for the right lead.
  • Real-time Ping Response – LeadConduit posts a real-time bid response to lead sellers, automating the bid process and capturing the lead if the seller chooses to post it to the buyer’s account.
  • Onboarding & Implementation – For every lead seller you add to a flow, LeadConduit automatically provides ping instructions within that source’s Submission Docs. This provides you with an easy and scalable way to communicate technical details to your partners.
  • Reporting – Quickly evaluate performance with LeadConduit’s new bid reports. Understand your bidding funnel and track important metrics over a customizable time frame by source or flow.

If you an a current ActiveProspect customer and would like to learn more about leveraging this new service please contact your Customer Success Manager, or contact support. If you are interested in using LeadConduit, check out our LeadConduit page, give us a call at 1-888-624-4159 or fill out this form and we’ll get back to you shortly.