LeadConduit’s shared reporting feature is back and better than ever! With the new and improved shared reports, you’ll have the ability to share ANY report that you have created. There are no limitations on which reports you can share.

Why Use Shared Reports?

Shared reports gives you the freedom to share your reports with anyone, regardless if they are a user within LeadConduit or not. Let’s say you need to make some decisions about which lead sources to eliminate from LeadConduit and you need to get the report over to your boss who isn’t a user. Or maybe you need to share some reports with your lead partners. 

With LeadConduit shared reports, the ability to share is as easy as providing the person with a unique URL (no authentication required!). Let’s say you’re a lead buyer and you need to share a report with your lead vendor to understand how much is owed at the end of the month. Now you can easily do this with just a few clicks.

What Can a Shared Report Recipient See and Do?

Shared reports are set to read-only so recipients won’t be able to build, edit or export the report. They also won’t be able to access any personal identifiable information (PII) in the report. However, recipients will be able to expand and close rows that are grouped, adjust the time frame, and scroll horizontally and vertically through larger tables.

What you get with shared reports:

  • Share a Custom Report: Simply go to the report’s options menu and select, Generate a Shared URL. This creates a unique URL so anyone who has it can access and view the selected custom report – regardless of whether or not that individual has an LC account.
  • Stop Sharing a Report: You can stop sharing a report altogether by selecting this option from the report’s options menu. Useful if you still need the report but you no longer need to share.
  • Change the Shared URL: To keep your reports secure from people with whom you no longer want to provide access, you can change the unique URL and re-share it with your chosen recipients. This is handy if you are sharing with a large list of people.
  • No Login Required: Partners and colleagues don’t need a login to access the shared report. They only need to know the report’s share URL and navigate there – that’s it!
  • Adjust the Time Frame: Recipients can adjust the time frame and lead stats displayed on the shared report’s table. The table will adjust accordingly. Limited by the account settings (default is 90 days).

If you are a LeadConduit user and you need help regarding the new shared reports feature, please contact support. If you are interested in using LeadConduit, check out our LeadConduit page, give us a call at 1-888-624-4159 or fill out this form and we’ll get back to you shortly.