Anyone who has spent time in the lead generation industry knows that change is constant. Regulations, compliance, and assurances of lead quality continue to evolve and impact the way publishers conduct business. The sooner publishers can adjust to changes in the lead landscape, the more valuable their leads become and the less interruption there will be to the businesses. With that in mind, we have noticed a trend that we wanted to alert publishers to.

TCPA regulations have impacted the industry for many years and advertisers have become a target-rich environment for litigation lawyers. This reality has been exacerbated by the increase in Call Blocking Apps that can guide consumers into a lawsuit process after reporting an unwanted call. For the most part, publishers are up to speed with presenting proper opt-in and disclosure language on lead submission forms. However, even with disclosures in place, TCPA lawsuits remain at record levels and advertisers are getting nervous. Capturing TCPA consent is not the challenge today–proving it is.

As a protection from litigation, advertisers have started to require that their lead suppliers provide independent third party verification to document proof of TCPA consent. Third party services provide a level of protection that far exceeds traditional methods. Some services, like TrustedForm from ActiveProspect, can even offer video replay of the lead being submitted. VideoReplay is the highest standard of proof in the industry, and advertisers are demanding it. In fact, the requests for publishers to implement third party verification is not only becoming more frequent, it’s becoming more urgent. Publishers who are unable to comply in time are at risk of losing valuable buyer relationships.

The good news is that it’s remarkably easy to give advertisers the protection they need without compromising your business. TrustedForm is free to install, can be implemented in minutes, and won’t impact site performance or data privacy. For publishers that rely on third party traffic, you can even protect the identity of your partners. Your data, and your partnerships, will remain protected and private.

There is a reason why industry leaders like LendingTree are adopting TrustedForm and other TCPA solutions. Every industry is subject to TCPA regulations and buyers are increasingly aware of the potential downsides of buying uncertified leads. It is vital for everyone in the lead generation to keep up with the latest FTC rulings and implement the highest standard of legal protection.

If you are generating leads and have not been approached to provide this level of TCPA proof of consent, it’s only a matter of time. ActiveProspect can help you get ahead of the curve.

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