ActiveProspect, the originator of independent Internet lead certification, today introduced TrustedForm Masked Certificates, a feature that gives lead sellers more control over how much information they want to share with their buyers.

TrustedForm is ActiveProspect’s lead certification service that independently verifies the origin and authenticity of Internet leads by capturing information including the timestamp, IP address, browser, source URL, and a real-time screenshot of the web form as seen by the site visitor. Among other things, it allows lead buyers to verify and document proof of compliance on an individual lead basis for regulations such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) or Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).

Masked certificates are exact copies of full certificates, except the lead source information (site URL and screenshot) has been masked. They still contain essential information about the origin of the lead, so lead buyers can independently verify lead authenticity and compliance with either full or masked certificates. For example, the page scan feature for masked certificates still works even though the page snapshot is not visible. This allows lead buyers to scan the page for TCPA disclosure language or the presence of other required language.

“TrustedForm introduced the concept of independent lead certification to bring trust and transparency to the online lead generation industry,” said Steve Rafferty, Founder and CEO of ActiveProspect. “Masked certificates are an important evolution in lead certification because lead sellers can now decide how much source information they want to share with each of their buyers on a case by case basis. In return, lead buyers can choose to accept masked certificates from some vendors but only full certificates from others. It gives buyers and sellers the ability to directly negotiate the amount of transparency needed for their particular situation.”

The masked certificate feature is available only to TrustedForm account holders. It doesn’t require any changes to the universal TrustedForm Script, which continues to issue full TrustedForm Certificates. When paid account holders claim a full TrustedForm Certificate, they also receive a corresponding TrustedForm Masked Certificate. Masked certificates have their own unique ID that is separate and distinct from the full TrustedForm Certificate ID. Account holders can then decide which buyers receive full certificates and which receive masked ones.

Lead buyers will need to contact their lead sellers if they need to see full certificates. It is the lead sellers’ responsibility to store full certificates, and to provide the certificates at their discretion to lead buyers who request them.

If you’d like to get started with TrustedForm Masked Certificates, contact [email protected].