In the bustling landscape of digital marketing, lead acquisition is the lifeblood of any successful enterprise. Each lead captured represents a potential for growth, revenue, and, ultimately, the health of your business. 

But how do you ensure that the leads you’re reaching are as robust as they can be? Have you ever dialed a number only to realize it’s disconnected or doesn’t exist? Or, perhaps, sent mail to an address that was the wrong one? It’s exasperating and, more critically, a complete waste of your marketing budget and resources.

Every piece of contact information can mean the difference between a signed contract or a missed opportunity. Lead data, often acquired from independent vendors, can be riddled with inaccuracies – intentional or not. It could be a typo, a fake number, an abandoned email account, or a business that has long moved from the location you’ve been mailing to. The risk of dealing with such inaccuracies is not just financial; it also erodes trust and dilutes your customer insights.

Ensuring the validity of phone numbers and addresses is akin to securing the foundation of a building; it’s essential. Neglect this step, and no amount of lead nurturing or clever conversion tactics will stand if built on a shaky base.

Join us as we explore BriteVerify, Validity’s robust solution for phone and address verification, in this detailed blog article. We’ll cover the essentials of BriteVerify, its operational mechanics, and guide you through integrating it with LeadConduit to enhance your lead acquisition processes.

BriteVerify for phone and address validation

BriteVerify for phone and address validation is a robust system engineered to cross-examine the U.S. and Canada phone numbers and physical addresses in your leads, ensuring they are not just contactable but accurate and deliverable as well.

How BriteVerify works

BriteVerify for phone validation harnesses the power of real-time carrier data, number portability lookups, and phone numbering plan databases to confirm if a number is in service, unreachable, or potentially undeliverable. Think of it as giving your phone numbers a quick health check, weeding out the dormant and the dummy numbers with precision.

The address validation component in BriteVerify goes above and beyond the USPS standard verification. It confirms the existence of addresses, flags any “residential” addresses that are actually businesses, standardizes address formatting, and even appends ZIP codes for increased accuracy. This means you can be certain that not only are the addresses real, but they’re also complete and deliverable by the USPS.

Seamlessly connect BriteVerify and LeadConduit for efficient lead acquisition

LeadConduit helps you maximize your Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) strategy with seamless customer acquisition solutions. You can customize your lead management to boost the caliber of every prospect through dynamic enhancement and real-time filtering, ensuring quality leads at every turn.

BriteVerify for phone validation and BriteVerify for address validation are now available directly within LeadConduit as add-ons, alongside an array of tools and services, such as BriteVerify for email validation.

If you’d like to learn more about BriteVerify for email validation, check out this blog post

Adding BriteVerify to your LeadConduit flows elevates lead quality and consolidates your management of phone and address lists. With real-time verification from BriteVerify, LeadConduit ensures accuracy by allowing only verified phone numbers and addresses to flow into your CRM, safeguarding your data integrity.

LeadConduit becomes the vigilant gatekeeper of your lead data, automatically scrubbing it clean through BriteVerify as it enters your business system. Its role is not only to validate but to enhance, providing additional metadata for your leads, such as line type for phone numbers, and commercial vs. residential indicators for addresses.

Ready to elevate your lead acquisition game?

LeadConduit and BriteVerify fortify your lead acquisition strategy without adding complexity. It’s the affirmation that each lead you acquire through LeadConduit has passed through the litmus test and emerged as a genuinely promising business opportunity.

In a world where data integrity is the bedrock of your marketing success, BriteVerify’s LeadConduit add-ons are the guardians you need. If you are among the discerning lead buyers who demand validation at the highest standards, these add-ons are poised to become indispensable in your lead acquisition toolkit.

Seize the chance to experience the unparalleled capabilities of LeadConduit add-ons, including BriteVerify, through a free demo. Schedule yours now!