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TrustedForm for Facebook Lead Ads

Document the Facebook Lead Ad user signup experience by storing TrustedForm Certificates with your leads. Comply with the TCPA and other legal regulations.


Included with each certificate:

  1. Interactive replay:
    Multipage recreation of the form
  2. Facebook ad metadata:
    Lead ID, Lead submitted time, page ID, form ID, ad set, and campaign
  3. Claim history:
    Age, reference, vendor
  4. Share URL
  5. Realtime page scanning 
and fingerprinting
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How it works:

More detailed instructions are available here.

1. Connect your Facebook page to LeadConduit

Using our Facebook Lead Ads integration, LeadConduit automatically captures leads in real time.

2. Claim the TrustedForm Certificate

In LeadConduit, add TrustedForm as a step in your flow. LeadConduit will deliver the lead with the TrustedForm
Certificate to your CRM.

3. Capture Certificate in your CRM

The TrustedForm Certificate URL will be another data field with your lead in your CRM. Just click on it to view the Certificate.

Use TrustedForm for all of your leads -
not just Facebook Lead Ads.

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