Ping Post Software

Ping Post software is an automated solution that allows for quick and efficient lead distribution. With the click of a button, the software sends out pings to multiple buyers, ensuring that leads are distributed in real time.

In a traditional system, buyers purchase leads from sellers who send them over one at a time. Ping Post software changes that. When a lead becomes available, the seller sends a ping to several buyers at the same time. The buyers place their bids. The seller’s ping-post platform gathers these bids, ranks them (usually by price or priority), and promptly delivers complete lead details to the winning buyers.

Comparison websites have been using the Ping Post method to distribute leads among top bidders for a while. This strategy required multi-party consent where consumers allowed any company mentioned on a specific marketing partner list to contact them. However, the new FCC guidelines that advocate for one-to-one consent deem the traditional Ping Post mechanism insufficient.

To comply with new regulations and ensure consumer choice, ActiveProspect developed a new model called “Ping Pick Post. This updated system adds a crucial “Pick” stage to the traditional Ping Post process, which enables consumers to choose which companies they want to be contacted by. As a result, Ping Pick Post is an improved version of Ping Post software that better aligns with the FCC’s recent consumer protection standards.

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