Take Rate

Within the lead generation industry, take rate refers to the number of users or site visitors that take action on an offer. You may have also heard it as “visitor to lead conversion rate” or “form completion rate.”

Is it better to have a high take rate?

Yes. After all, the more attractive an offer is, the more consumers will want to sign up. A high take rate drives up the effective CPM for the publisher.

When evaluating a low take rate against internal or industry benchmarks, make sure you’re weighing all relevant criteria. Sometimes, the issue is with the offer itself, but often there are other factors at play. For example, low conversion could be the result of technical issues, like slow page load speeds, or user experience issues, like inaccessible or lengthy forms. If your prospects are unable to fill out your form, naturally that will affect your take rate.

Note: Take rate is also a commonly used term in the e-commerce industry, but it means something very different. In this context, it generally refers to fees charged by third-party sellers, service providers, and marketplaces for transactions. 

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