AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the advanced technology that grants computers and machines the capacity to emulate aspects of human intelligence and problem-solving abilities. It is a pivotal branch of computer science dedicated to the creation of intelligent machines.

Recently, significant strides in AI, such as the development of ChatGPT, underscore a shift towards generative AI, particularly in natural language processing (NLP). Generative AI has shown remarkable capabilities in understanding and producing human language, and it extends its prowess to generating images, videos, software code, and more. These advancements are revolutionizing fields such as:

  • Lead Generation: AI enhances content creation, streamlines information retrieval, and optimizes processes, boosting efficiency and productivity.
  • Cybersecurity: While AI introduces new tools for cybersecurity defenses, it also presents challenges, as it can be exploited for fraud and other malicious activities online.

AI is frequently used in Telemarketing for purposes such as robocalls, text sequences, and call transcriptions. However, these use cases have come under regulatory scrutiny from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to ensure the protection of customers’ TCPA (Telephone Customer Protection Act) consent.

Understand AI’s potential and risks for TCPA